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Principal's Message

February 2024

Hello Mustang Family!

Students have been working very hard on their I-Ready tests in English and Math the last few weeks. Your student’s time and effort to do their best help our school staff with valuable data. This year, the district will host an I-Ready celebration for students demonstrating growth. 

For testing calendars and more information, please visit our district website at the following link:

Please ask your students about the parent survey they were given in their 6th-period class last week. We are looking to increase participation from parents/guardians this year. The District Climate Survey is a vital tool our school uses to make decisions and improve our school. Your voice and opinions matter! If you did not receive a paper copy, you can also go online using the following link:


2023-2024 District Climate Survey - Parents/Family

Due February 9th!

Attendance Expectations

Attendance is critical to your student's success. Regular attendance is strongly correlated with academic success. Students attending classes regularly are more likely to grasp key concepts, engage in discussions, and complete assignments on time. 

Please help your students establish a routine to help them with time management and organizational skills. Over the next few weeks, our School Community Intervention Specialist team and Counselors will be working with students on attendance improvement plans. 

For more information regarding the San Juan Unified School District attendance policy please visit our website at:

Thank you to all the parents/guardians who helped with the Winter Formal! Your help and participation contributed to its success! 

Have a wonderful evening!

Vanessa Adolphson

Interim Principal

Will Rogers Middle School

Vanessa Adolphson