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Dress Code

2023-2024 Dress code


  • Undergarments (except straps), chest, and backs must be covered at all times

  • For safety reasons and comfort, athletic shoes must be worn in P.E. class

  • Hats, hoodies, and other head coverings  are allowed in class with teacher’s discretion to check for headphones

  • Messages or pictures on clothes and backpacks should be respectful. No sexual, drug, alcohol, or tobacco messages, no gang symbols or affiliations, no profanity, racial slurs, putdowns, violence, weapons, intimidation, etc. Any fashion/attire that is considered by school officials and/or law enforcement to present a safety concern is not allowed.


Here at Will Rogers, our top priority is for students to be in class learning. Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to choose one of the below options: 

  1. Put on their own alternative clothing if already available at school

  2. Turn the garment inside out 

  3. Put on a sweatshirt or jacket zipped up

  4. Wear temporary school clothing for either the remainder of the day or until alternate clothing can be dropped off. Will Rogers has a supply of new shirts available for students

  5. Parents/guardians may be called to bring alternative clothing.

  6. If parents/guardians are called, students will return to class using one of the temporary alternative options above until their replacement garments arrive.