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Will Rogers Middle School Library/Media Center

The library is available every day for students to browse. Some teachers may bring their classes in to visit, but all students are welcome to come before school, after school, or (briefly) between classes. Library passes are also available upon request, which will permit students to visit the library during lunch.

The library is open every school day until 3:00 pm.

Is there a book you'd like to recommend for the library? You can submit your recommendation here.

Online Resources

Will Rogers Catalog - Browse our collection of books.

Sacramento Public Library - The public library offers access to all San Juan students, which includes ebooks and audiobooks.

Library Mission 
*Established on 2014/2015 School Year*  

The mission of this library/media center is to encourage reading for pleasure as well as information, to provide resources necessary to help students become effective users of information, and assist students in the development of skills necessary for independent lifelong learning.


Library Contact

Kyle Stefun

Mid Schl Media/library Tech.
Will Rogers